What is Dry Oil? Can it change our every day lives?

Dry oil is an oil that does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin while providing a good skin hydration.

Dry oil is fluid and penetrates quickly.

It nourishes the skin and leaves it feeling sublime.

Its application is pleasant and leaves a satin finish that appeals to women.

It is ideal in summer to enhance your tan! 

In short, it has the same benefits as the classic body oil without the disadvantages (not greasy, does not leave marks on clothes …) This is a beauty product that is quick and easy for everyday usage.

Suitable for all skin types! These are vegetable oils that are bursting with benefits. The most important being their richness in fatty acids.

  • Alpha -linolenic acid or ( Omega 3 Ω 3)
  • The Linoleic or (Omega 6 Ω 6) acid
  • Gamma- Linolenic Acid ( Omega 6 of the family)

Why are these fatty acids are so well absorbed through the skin? It is simply because they are part of the components of our stratum corneum.

Once upon a time  we were able to  bring our skin the components that are necessary through a balanced diet, which will allow it to regenerate.  However, in today’s world, our diet is often unbalanced and does not provide these essential ingredients in sufficient quantity. secondly, we are often stressed, which is felt by our brain, as a state of danger. Our brain then mobilizes all its forces, for our vital organs, such as the brain, our heart and our muscles, it sends them all the molecules they need to escape this danger, and our skin is last served. Which is why it is so often in poor condition. 

Thus, if we nourish our skin with the famous Fatty Acids it lacks, it will absorb rapidly, which is why they are called the Dry Oils. Someone who absorbs oils rich in Omega 3 and 6 every day, such as Sunflower, Grapeseed has a much more balanced skin. If the sum of these three fatty acids exceeds 45%, the mixture will dry to the touch and is very rapidly absorbed.

Morganna’s Majestueuse is no exception for excellent hydrating and brightening to the skin, hair, and nails.

The ideal time to apply: after the shower, massaging gently on dry or damp skin.


Here are the 4 beauty tips

Beauty Tip 1 – Apply to Hot Areas

Put emphasis on hot areas such as the chest, neck and wrists, and décolleté. Throughout the day, the heat generated by the body will release the molecules of fragrance oil surrounding you with a discreet awakening scent!

Beauty Tip 2 – Use in the Bath

Not only for moisturizing skin! At bath time, pour a cap of Majestueuse dry oil into the hot water, it vaporizes to make a delicately scented water. What’s more is, your skin will suffer less from dehydration.

Beauty Tip 3 – De-frizz Hair

Apply a dry oil mask for 15 minutes – or overnight if your hair is really damaged, before you shampoo for silky hair and, guaranteed anti-frizz

Apply a few drops of oil in dry your hands and scrunch your hair concentrating on ends, especially without touching the roots. Shine and softness guaranteed!

Beauty Tip 4 – Makeup Booster

Before applying makeup, mix a few drops of dry oil with the day cream to boost hydration, or the foundation for an glow and brightness to makeup!



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