What is the One Product That Can Be Used on Virtually Every Part of Your Body?

It is the Dry oil of course.


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Well, it is an oil that does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin while providing your skin with nourishment. Dry oil is fluid and penetrates quickly.  Its application is pleasant and leaves a satin finish that appeals to women.  It has the same benefits as the classic body oil without the disadvantages (not greasy, does not leave marks on clothes …)

This product is quick and easy to use every day. In addition, it is suitable for all skin types! It mostly contains organic vegetable oils that are bursting with benefits.

The oils contained in dry oils are particularly rich in unsaturated fatty acids (omega-6). They each, have specific properties for targeted actions.While vegetable oils have an oily texture, dry oils penetrate quickly because they have more affinity for the skin. A dry oil will therefore be easily absorbed by the epidermis, leaving a slightly satiny effect.To obtain a dry oil, a vegetable texture agent and an emollient agent derived from coconut are added to the vegetable oils, which will make it possible to reduce the fatty aspect of the oils and give a slippery effect.



For satiny looking skin

On the face or body, alone or mixed with your daily face cream, apply to the skin to moisturize, nourish it, protect it from drying out.Sometimes when you apply it on your face, it may be better to use it at night, mixed with your cream.

On Your entire body

Use it on all dry areas using light massages. It can also be used on exposed parts for a touch of shine.

Enjoy some with your bath Pour a few drops and take full advantage of the moisturizing properties of dry oil. Close your eyes and enjoy its delicate fragrance… relaxation awaits you  

Dry oil is best applied on damp skin

To make your dry oil more easily absorbed, do not hesitate to apply it to lightly moistened skin, right after a shower 


Apply to your nails

Do proceed finger by finger and rub for a few minutes while lingering on the cuticles. You will be surprised how much they grow longer and stronger.

Apply to hair

Before shampooing, on dry hair, leave on for an hour , or overnight, for a reinforced hair fiber.

• Before blow drying, apply on the entire length and ends to protect from drying out and to repair damaged ends.•

As a finishing treatment, just after blow drying, to revive shine, provide softness and suppleness to the hair and facilitate styling.

 Always be careful on which dry oil you choose

Oils are sometimes, hydrogenated, esterified or refined. This means they are obtained through chemical processes with harmful environmental impact.Hydrogenation is a chemical reaction. This involves adding a molecule of dihydrogen by catalysis in order to modify the structure of fatty acids contained in vegetable oil. This industrial technique has the consequence of producing an instability of the molecule composing vegetable oil – transformed into saturated fatty acids -, deteriorating it and therefore altering its virtues.


Always look organic and non-refined oils.  They have not lost any of their original fatty acids and properties.Look at Morganna’s Majestueuse Dry oilhttps://www.morgannasalchemy.com/product/majestueuse-oil/

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