What is the Scandinavian Happiness Recipe?

The inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries are said to be some of the happiest in the world.  Do you know why?

The top 3 are Denmark, Norway, and Sweden according to the world Happiness Report, The United Nations says. Despite how their, Nordic winters are characterized by: Scandinavians (for example) keep their spirits up throughout the year by adopting certain life philosophies:

True positive mindset, the “ Hygge ” – pronounced [HOO-GAH] is the Danish method for a ” better living “. Dating back to the beginning of the 19th century, this word comes from a Norwegian term meaning “well-being “.

Here is the way of life for (most) people in Denmark:


1. A warm and cozy atmosphere

2. Moments shared with family and friends •

3.   Comfort and reassurance on a daily basis

4.   Personal care and recharging the batteries

5.  Happiness to be savored: snacks and delicacies

6. Having the ability to disconnect and to enjoy the moment. This method is  currently very popular, and is being exported throughout the world.


In Sweden, ” Lagom ” is the logical continuation of those well-being trends.  It is often called the new Hygge, this balancing quest advocates moderation.


  • Smart and sustainable consumption
  • Ethical, measured, minimalistic life style • Restoring the links with nature
  • Make the environment the focus of our concerns
  • Slowing down and seeking the essential
  • Balancing reason and pleasure
  • Giving priority to simplicity, transparency and, mostly naturalness.

This philosophy matches perfectly with the slow life and less is more trends

“Reduce Reuse recycle”


Tell us, Which one do you like better the Hygge or the Lagom way of life?

Tip: try drinking more tea such as: Vervain

Known as an aromatic, relaxing plant, verbena abounds with benefits. As an infusion, it is renowned all over the world as the drink that acts positively on nervousness and stress, facilitates restful sleep and fight sleeping disorders. Also known as the witch’s herb, the Celts believed it held magic powers. It was used to prepare love potions and to ward off bad spells Verbena has been used for more than 200 years in traditional and folk medicine to treat acute inflammations and skin burns. Latest scientific studies have confirmed its potential to treat inflammatory disorders. Indeed, thanks to its rich verbascoside content, this plant is ideal to soothe irritated and stressed skins exposed to harsh environments

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