What’s My Skin Type? Why Is It Important?

In order to make the right decisions in your skincare it is important to know your skin type. Here is how.

  1. In the morning when you wake up, wash face with my usual cleanser, with your fingertips, without rubbing.
  2. Rinse with lukewarm water, neither too hot nor too cold, dry by dabbing without rubbing
  3. Don’t use any moisturizer or cream.
  4. After an hour, apply a paper towel all over your face.


1.Clear, oily marks appear across the entire towel. My pores are dilated especially in the middle area (nose, forehead, and chin).

You get pimples occasionally, when you’re tired or around your period. – My skin doesn’t pull. Your skin is oily.

My pores are enlarged all over my face. I get pimples on a regular basis. – My skin is oily; acne-prone


2 You feel discomfort and your skin tightens. Your skin is oily and dehydrated. Sharp oily marks appear only on the middle area (forehead, nose, chin). pores are hardly visible on the cheeks, more visible on the middle area. –  skin is mixed

  1. Slight greasy marks appear on the entire towel. pores are tight, barely visible all over face. skin is normal .There are no greasy marks.
  2. feel discomfort, skin tightens. My pores are tight, barely visible all over my face. – My skin is dry.

If the irritation, pimples, friction produce dark spots. –  skin tends to be hyperpigmented.


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