Should You Pick an Oil, Serum, Gel, Cream or Milk for Your Skin?

Each skin type has different needs. It is therefore essential to choose the right product!

  • For normal skin:

It is necessary to try to distinguish dehydrated skin from dry skin. If she’s dehydrated, it’s best to avoid gel textures as they usually contain alcohol, which can irritate the skin. Milk is ideal for normal skin.

  • For dry or sensitive skin:

Use a product with a lipid base. This type of treatment contains fatty molecules that help retain water and nourish the skin. The cream is ideal for this type of skin.

  • For oily skin:

Prefer a treatment with an aqueous base (water-based). In fact, in this case, it is a matter of hydrating the skin while avoiding making it even more oily. The gel-cream has been specially designed for oily skin.

  • For combination skin:

Combine a water-based moisturizer in the morning with a lipid-based (not too rich) moisturizer in the evening. The milk can therefore be applied in the morning and the cream (not too rich) in the evening. What type of lotion to choose? The type of product depends not only on the type of skin but also on individual preferences.

  • Cream :

The cream is often oilier and more nourishing and thicker, so it is particularly suitable for combination or dry and sensitive skin. It acts, however, mainly on the surface.

  • Milk :

Milk is just as nourishing as cream, but it is sometimes less fatty and is therefore suitable for all skin types. Its texture is also smoother and lighter than cream.

  • Gel or gel-cream:

Ideal for oily skin, its aqueous texture allows the skin to be deeply hydrated without leaving a greasy film.

  • The serum:

The serum is mainly used under another lotion. Because it penetrates very deeply and thus helps hydrate the deepest layers of the skin, which is essential to fight against the aging process.

  • The oil:

The oil is, of course, fatter, more penetrating and more nourishing, although there are dry oils that do not form a greasy film to the touch. It acts more in depth than cream.