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Are plant cells simply a fad in anti-aging skin care?

At Morganna’s Alchemy, we say that the answer is no!!

These tiny little molecules that harvest actually contain some of the best natural and powerful active ingredients, that now act as anti-inflammatory , anti-wrinkle, antioxidants agent, that science has shown us are very effective!

How modern science meets nature to render the best possible results.

As with the human body, plants also have stem cells according to their environment, and they will differentiate into one of the parts of the plant (stem, leaf, a flower, etc…). Plant stem cells from the heart of plants are rare cells with remarkable properties.

Stem cells are very valuable special cells present in very small numbers in virtually all tissues, including the skin. These are the only cells able to divide throughout life to generate new skin cells. Thus, the epidermis is renewed. As we age, vitality and number of epidermal stem cells decreases, the epidermis is renewed more quickly and also wrinkles appear.  The use of human stem cells is very controversial…..Enter plants.  Plant stem cells are absolutely harmless to humans. They are grown under sterile conditions, where the transmission of diseases is discarded and where no genetically modified organism is used.  They have been proven to do wonders on our skin and deliver some awesome results in the fight against aging skin!While all plants have stems cells, very few have been identified to contain the ingredients that make a difference on our skin.

For ages, human beings have been gathering plants from nature for nutritional and medicinal purposes. Humans then started cultivating the plant species that interested them. More recently, human beings mastered the culture of cells from small parts of plants, like leaf, root and stem fragments.

In simple terms, we are now able to take a single molecule from the plant; and reproduce it 1000 times over in the lab.  Thereby making the molecules that much stronger.

This all started with an Apple only in 2008!

Plant cell extracts appeared on the scene in 2008, when extracts taken from a Swiss apple cultivated for a long shelf life provided protective effects on human skin cells. The apple, called the Uttwiler Spatlaüber, displayed the ability to heal itself if its skin was cut while on the tree.

This tool has opened the way to the production of biomass and molecules of interest the advantages of this new technique are very important since this production, which is based on scientific methods, helps produce on-demand without dependency on unpredictable climates and seasons.

You may wonder what makes us so excited about plant stem cells at Morganna’s Alchemy.

Let’s start with the fact that this technology fits into the company’s moto of respecting and protecting the environment. That comes with the ability to make multiple cells out of just one leaf of a flower.

No use of pesticides whatsoever from start to finish.

Rare, protected plant species are able to be cultured, and their benefits preserved, in this way. For example, the Edelweiss flower Leontopodium alpinum which is cultured by using this directed technique. The final process reproducibly increases the quantity of a plant molecule with interesting cosmetic potential: leontopodic acid.

Leontopodic acids A and B, Chlorogenic acid, and 3, 5-dicaffeoylquinic acid, which have anti-hyaluronidasic and anti-collagenasic activity. Also present are Phytosterols, Amino acids, polysaccharides-and moisturizing properties.


With all the knowledge  and proven results that we have observed here at Morganna’s Alchemy, hopefully you will all soon be wanting to give plant stem cells a try as part of your regular skin care routine.

Maya Hyppolite



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