WHy do face serums come in small bottles?

Why do serums come in small bottles and when should they be used?

What is the role of a serum?

The serum’s mission is to offer your skin everything it needs by reinforcing the action of other skincare product with which it is coupled.

Generally, to work in synergy, it is advisable to choose your products (serum, night and day cream, skin care oil) from the same range.


Why do serums come in small bottles?

Much more concentrated than a classic treatment, the serum is used in small quantities, which is why it is presented in a small bottle with a dropper cap or a measuring pipette. It can be part of the beauty routine as a daily treatment or as a cure.

Its fluid texture does not ensure the protection of the hydrolipidic film of the skin, the serum does not replace day or night cream, oil. On the contrary, it acts in addition to the usual routine to increase the effect.

How should you use the serum on the face?

To optimize the effect of the serum, the epidermis must be clean and free of all makeup. Before using the serum on the face, it will therefore be necessary to clean your skin with a foaming cleanser and water or a moisturizing lotion with natural active ingredients.

When your skin is dry, the serum comes into play. A small dose is enough. To spread evenly, this concentrate needs to be warmed up in the palm of your hand. The application is done with the fingertips, by light tapping and circular massages, going from the bottom of the face upwards and from the lips to the temples.

The application of the serum for the contour of the lips and eyes follows the same principle.


When the serum is completely absorbed by the epidermis and before tackling the makeup step, it is time to switch to day cream or night cream. Indeed, the serum can effectively complement the effect of your treatment in the morning, but also in the evening.

To keep the beneficial effect of the serum and anti-wrinkle cream duo intact and not pay a heavy price for sun exposure, opt for high-index sun protection for the face and body.

Do not forget to also protect your hair with a dry oil for example.


Which anti-wrinkle serum to choose?

Lax facial contour, dark spots, wrinkled skin, blurred complexion: which anti-wrinkle serum to choose? Why choose a specific treatment for mature skin? Which texture and which active ingredients to favor?

To help you find the right product among the serum offerings, here are some important criteria.

  • Choose the serum suited to the skin problem you want to correct. Mature skin needs specific care focused on hydration, tone and radiance of the skin.
  • Select your serums and creams from the same brand for optimal synergy.
  • You can opt for a fluid texture, quickly absorbed by the skin, so as not to burden your beauty routine.
  • Favor natural compositions incorporating powerful active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides, peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, trace elements,  vegetable oils

Stimulating cellular activity stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, which are deficient in mature skin.

Serums for all skin types

Depending on the type of skin and its needs, the role of the serum will focus on the hydration of the epidermis, the radiance of the complexion, the suppleness of the skin, the contour of the eyes or lips, the reduction of wrinkles. or the reduction of dark spots, redness and skin imperfections …

The in-depth action of the serum is then completed by the application of a day or night cream which will contribute to the comfort of the skin by hydrating the surface layer of the epidermis, while installing a barrier against external aggressions.

Before & After

 Serums for every age

From the age of 20, the skin requires targeted care. To fight against the harmful effects of free radicals, the choice will be rather on a moisturizing serum.

At 30, a smoothing serum can be integrated into the beauty routine to refine the skin texture and give the face a radiance boost.

At 40, applying a serum rich in peptides will be the best defense against the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, lips or nose.

At menopause, the best option will be a comprehensive anti-wrinkle or anti-aging serum, with the aim of stimulating the fibroblasts that are responsible for the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.

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